Maintenance Request Form from JML Realty Investments, LLC

My goal is to provide you with prompt service. Your maintenance request is important and I want to take care of your problem as quickly as possible. Please read entire form, be specific in your answers and note the “tenant responsibilities” as part of this submission

Tenant Responsibilities:
Missed appointments: you will be responsible for payment of any service call charged for a) a missed appointment b) not providing access to your unit when requested c) leaving a keyless bolting device engaged or d) not following other instructions as you agreed that results in the servicing vendor not being able to gain entry to the property.

Maintenance responsibilities:
When submitting this work request, the resident acknowledges that if the repair is found to be due to misuse or failure to perform required routine maintenance the tenant will be responsible for payment of the repair as per the Lease Agreement.

To help provide you with a quick response please be specific as possible when describing your problem. Request that are not specific (such as “stove not working”) will delay response time while I contact you for clarification. Also note to not give all information requested on the form could also delay the request.

If this is an emergency please call: 407-921-9635 direct line and follow up this phone call with an email to