Preparing Your Orlando Home for the Rental Market – Landlord Advice


Our topic today is how to prepare your home for the rental market. There are a few things you can do to ensure it gets a good response and a lot of interest. Price the Home Prior to placing your web ad, it’s a good idea to look at other web ads to see how many comparable properties are on the market and what the asking rent is. You’ll also want to look at the past six months to see what those properties that are similar to your home have rented for. Those two numbers will give you a reliable rental range and you’ll get an idea of how to price your home before putting it on the rental market. Curb Appeal Curb appeal is extremely important when you’re renting out a property. People will drive by before they contact you and if your exterior looks nice and the house seems to be in great condition, they’re going to call you and want to see it. The lawn must be mowed and the weeds should be removed from the flower beds. Make sure your windows don’t have any torn screens and give the house a good pressure wash. That will ensure the exterior has a really nice, clean look. On the inside, take the time to look at your home from a tenant’s perspective. You want a property that is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained. Check the blind slats and make sure there aren’t any missing blinds or sagging blinds. The paint must look fresh on the walls. If your flooring is worn and your carpeting looks old, it’s a good idea to replace it with tile. Once you put down tile, you’re not going to have to do that job again. It’s a one-time project that will keep your floors in great shape. There are so many nice colors and textures and shapes of tile; it will help your home, especially in the main living areas. It gives the space a very appealing look. Many of the properties on the rental market don’t pay attention to these details, so a property can be sitting vacant which would not happen if it was in good condition. If you have any questions, or you’d like help getting your property ready for the Orlando rental market, please contact us at JML Realty Investments, LLC..

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