Tenant Placement Service Property Management in Central Florida

JML Realty Investments offers a couple options for owners and investors looking for help from a property management company in Orlando. As a property owner who is ready to rent, it can be daunting deciding whether it’s right for you to manage your property on your own, or hire a company to do it for you. While that decision is something that is ultimately up to you – we have programs that cater to whatever level of involvement you’d like to have in your rental property.

Tenant Placement Service Orlando

Our “Lease Only” Option – Also referred to as tenant placement service, this is perfect for those owners who aren’t quite ready to spring for our full service option, but still would like some help with the initial work it takes to start a rental property on the right foot. There are many areas where our agents’ experience comes in handy:

  • Is your property move-in ready? We know what tenants are looking for in terms of a home that they will want to spend years in. You’d be surprised how some small updates to your space can minimize vacancy rates and attract a new tenant quickly!
  • How will you market your property? We employ a comprehensive marketing strategy with professional photos and multiple areas of visibility.
  • Do you know how to conduct a thorough background and credit check? It is important to know the full picture of an application when you are choosing someone to care for your investment. We conduct a strict background check, income verification screen credit history, and rental history assessment.
  • Do you have an airtight lease agreement? We’ve worked with legal professionals to make sure our lease protects you, your tenants and your investment.

Lease Writing for Property Management

If you are confident that you can handle the day to day tasks it takes to manage a rental property on your own, but you’re not sure where to start – this could be a great opportunity for you! Contact Us today to find out more about this service and see if it’s a great fit.

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