Why You Can Trust JML Realty Investments to Manage Your Orlando Rental Property
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If you’re looking for property management services for your investment property in central Florida, there are several reasons to work with me at JML Realty Investments, LLC. Today, I’m sharing some of those reasons with you.

Experience with Tenant Placement

I have been providing property management in the Orlando area for the last 17 years. This experience has made me efficient at the management of residential properties. The first thing I do for clients is locate an acceptable tenant. This is done through internet advertising. I use several large sites as well as my own website. The listings are sent out to a broad range of advertising venues, which attracts a lot of activity. This means more showings, and it also means more choices for owners when it comes to selecting a tenant. Once we have an application, that tenant is vetted through a stringent screening process. I check credit and criminal histories, and I verify their background.

I present the findings to the owner, and a decision is made. This one step is a very critical step in property management. It’s the most important thing you can do to avoid headaches and problems. I cannot stress this enough. Once the tenant is in the property, maintaining a good relationship is important. Communication needs to be positive and reinforced during property inspections, which helps with the upkeep of your home. I always conduct inspections during lease periods.

Property Maintenance

I use vendors that are approved, insured, and bonded. These are people I have used for years. I trust them, and they don’t overcharge. Maintaining your home is important. The worst thing an investor can have is a poorly managed home. You want to make sure your rent revenues are generated and the expenses are managed. Make plans to rehab or update your investment property before it’s time to sell it or re-rent it. Making improvements over time is a good idea, and it prevents you from falling under market value when you’re selling or renting.

Perhaps you plan to return to your home in the future, or you want to hold onto it for depreciation and tax deductions, or cash flow. If you want all those things to work in your favor, it has to be in market-ready condition. I frequently work on projects with investors in central Florida and all over the world on remodeling and rehabbing homes. I work with contractors to make sure all that work is done before they get paid.

If you decide you want a rental home or you want to add to your portfolio, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and provide a free no-obligation market analysis.

If you have any questions about Orlando property management, please contact us at JML Realty Investments.

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